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Love in a Time of Crisis

A Message of Hope for Caregivers and Others


In 2020, the entire world was in turmoil and millions of people were experiencing adversity. Vivian Elaine Johnson was no exception. Not only was she a full-time caregiver for her husband, George–who had numerous health issues including a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s–but she was also deeply affected by the mounting national and international social and health crises. In Love in a Time of Crisis, Vivian invites you to open your heart and share her struggles, as well as the love and joy that emerged. You’ll cry with her, laugh with her, and despair with her as the man she knew slowly disappears and she wonders, “Who are you?” You’ll also discover how she found strength, courage, and moments of happiness. Vivian’s touching story educates, uplifts, and encourages us to seek support and even laugh at ourselves when facing adversity instead of turning our backs, running away, or giving in to dark thoughts. And she inspires all of us to find purpose and hope in the midst of difficult times.

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